Preventative Medicine

Preventative Medicine

PHD 3.2.

About the group of scientific specialties

mode of study
duration of the course
3 years

Scientific specialties



What will I learn?

  • to carry out experiments and conduct research in the fields of allergology and immunology
  • to analyse obtained data, draw conclusions and recommendations, publish research papers
  • to employ immunological research methods for diagnosing infectious and non-infectious human diseases
  • to employ mathematical tools and software to automate experiments, store, analyse and visualise biological information
  • to identify and apply experimental and theoretically calculated research methods
  • to analyse research papers in Russian and English languages
  • to design the educational process

Advantages of the programme

  • highly experienced lecturers
  • internship at leading companies in Chelyabinsk
  • work on real-world research project
  • the opportunity to receive a grant for your own research

Who will I be?

  • a lecturer or a researcher
  • a research fellow
  • a head of research groups
  • an associate professor

Disciplines to be studied

Entrance examinations

  • entrants must pass the entrance examinations in the special discipline и foreign language
  • entrance tests are aimed at assessing the knowledge of applicants received during the development of higher education programmes
  • the minimum number of points, confirming the successful completion of the entrance test - 40
  • each entrance test is passed once

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