About the sanatorium


The sanatorium-preventorium of the university was founded more than 30 years ago.

At first, light therapy, heat therapy, dental, and treatment rooms were opened. In the future, there were hydrotherapy rooms, an electrosone room, phytotherapy, laser therapy, massage rooms and others were put into operation.

The evaluation of the team's work was the holding of an All-Russian seminar on the basis of the CSU dispensary. In 1990, the work of the collective was awarded by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education and the Republican Committee of the Trade Union of Education and Science Workers and was rewarded with a cash prize.

The sanatorium-preventorium in different years was headed by G.A. Nikonov, Vladimir Nikolaevich Kaida, Olga Iosifovna Yachmin, Sergey Gennadievich Betskov, Elena Vladimirovna Myazina. Since 2014, Alexander Georgievich Koshelev has been the director of the medical center and the chief physician of the sanatorium-dispensary.

Present days

Currently, the sanatorium-preventorium is a multidisciplinary therapeutic and preventive unit, with a total area of about 1500 m2, located in the building of the dormitory No. 2 of the CSU and occupying the first 4 floors. Sanatorium-preventorium treatment is carried out both by the type of "day hospital" (there are 60 places for round-the-clock stay) and in the wellness option (without accommodation).

In the structure of the sanatorium-dispensary organized:

  1. Registry
  2. The therapist's office
  3. Physiotherapist's office
  4. Obstetrician-gynecologist's office
  5. Ultrasound diagnostics room
  6. Dental office
  7. Manual and hardware massage room
  8. Hydrotherapy
  9. Electro-, light-, laser-, heat-, magnetic therapy rooms
  10. Inhalation cabinet
  11. Treatment room
  12. Transcranial electrical stimulation and electrostimulation cabinet, etc.
Koshelev Aleksandr Georgievich

Koshelev Aleksandr Georgievich

Chief Medical Officer

Chelyabinsk, 57/2 Molodogvardeytsev

Sanatorium page

We invite Chelyabinsk State University students to health resort treatment!

In accordance with the Regulations on the sanatorium-preventorium, full-time students studying on a budgetary and non-budgetary basis, mastering educational programmes of secondary vocational education, bachelor's, specialist's, master's and postgraduate programmes can undergo sanatorium-resort treatment twice during the calendar year at the expense of the university (within the limits of funds allocated by the university).

Currently, two types of vouchers have been developed for students:

  • Sanatorium-resort
  • Recreational

A 20-day sanatorium-resort voucher includes:

  • primary, repeated reception therapist, physiotherapy consultation, on the indications appointed consultation obstetrician-gynaecologist, ultrasound.
  • vitamin therapy (vitamin complex, phytotherapy)
  • mineral water (10 bottles of 0.5 litres per course of treatment)
  • oxygen cocktail (daily)
  • meals are organised on a coupon system (CSU student catering combine) at the rate of 350 rubles per day (7 000 rubles for 20 days)
  • accommodation in double and triple rooms
  • dental services (examination, treatment of one tooth, preventive measures)
  • obstetrician-gynaecologist services (check-up, consultation, pelvic ultrasound, breast ultrasound if indicated)
  • physiotherapy: 2-3 procedures as prescribed by the doctor (manual massage, apparatus massage, hydrotherapy, electro-, magneto-, light-, heat therapy, etc.). More information about treatment
  • methods and equipment - in the section "Treatment"

The total cost of the voucher is 18 000 roubles. The student pays 1,500 roubles on his/her own, the remaining amount is paid by the university.

Students on a budgetary basis have the opportunity to apply for compensation of expenses incurred for sanatorium-resort treatment (the amount paid independently). 

To do this, you need:

  • fill out an application, 
  • provide a copy of the document confirming the payment of the voucher (a receipt for payment of 1,500 rubles) 
  • provide a copy of the spa card.

The above package of documents is provided in:

  • Department of Educational work – Chelyabinsk, 129 Bratiev Kashirinykh, office 326
  • CSU students' trade Union Committee – Chelyabinsk, 129 Bratiev Kashirinykh, office 103

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