Master's Degree 37.04.01

About the programmes

mode of study
mixed attendance
duration of the course
2 years 6 months
tuition fees, ₽
73 300 (2023)

Educational programmes


Psychological Counseling

What will I learn?

  • to develop and implement projects
  • to conduct scientific research
  • to accompany people with disabilities
  • to use methods of psychological diagnostics, correction, rehabilitation, and prevention
  • to supervise
  • to teach in educational organizations of all levels

Advantages of the programme

  • psychological practice at all stages of training
  • training specialists to work with different types of clients: individual, family, group, professional, and organizational counseling
  • faculty practitioners
  • formation of skills in psychological help, psychological counseling and psychotherapy
  • research activities under the supervision of candidates and doctors of science

Who will I be?

  • a counseling psychologist
  • a personnel specialist in government and commercial organizations
  • a coach
  • a supervisor

Disciplines to be studied


Clinical (Medical) Psychology

What will I learn?

  • to provide assistance to people with various mental illnesses
  • to apply methods of non-medical psychotherapy, psychological counselling, correction, rehabilitation and psychodiagnosis

Advantages of the programme

  • highly experienced lecturers
  • the opportunity to obtain a second qualification "Correctional psychologist"
  • internships in partner organisations
  • involvement of students in research projects

Who will I be?

  • a clinical psychologist in healthcare and social care organisations
  • a psychologist in law enforcement agency or private practice
  • a college or university lecturer

Disciplines to be studied

Entrance examinations

  • Applicants must take an interview in psychology.
  • The minimum number of points, confirming the successful completion of the entrance test - 40.
  • The entrance test is taken once.

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and employment

CSU cooperates with leading employers, who are included in the educational process at the stage of course development.

There is always a high demand for CSU students. With the number of events held by our university, you will not be left without a job - prove yourself during an internship or attend job fairs at CSU, where dozens of companies present their offers to students and graduates, advise them and look for personnel.

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