Information Security of Automated Systems

Information Security of Automated Systems

specialist degree 10.05.03

About the programme

mode of study
duration of the course
5 years 6 months
tuition fees, ₽
154 900 (2023)

Educational programme


Information Security of Automated Systems of Critically Important Facilities

What will I learn?

  • to develop, implement and operate information protection systems at critically important facilities and their automated systems
  • to develop technical regulations for ensuring information security
  • to create and investigate automated system models, and assess their security
  • to propose and justify the choice of means and methods of information protection
  • to create programmes in general-purpose languages, use programming methods and tools
  • to design scientific and technical documentation, prepare reports, reviews and research papers based on research findings in the field of information protection

Advantages of the programme

  • the educational programme covers theoretical and practical training in hardware, software, cryptography and technical means of information protection
  • collaborative research with lecturers in the fields of secure automated systems, vulnerability analysis and the effectiveness of protection tools and methods
  • lecturers: Candidates and Doctors of Sciences
  • laboratories for conducting scientific experiments and research

Who will I be?

  • an information security specialist
  • the head of an information security department
  • an information security administrator
  • a developer of hardware and software for information security
  • a systems analyst
  • a business analyst
  • the head of an IT department
  • an information security system designer
  • an information security system tester
  • an information security system auditor
  • a software engineer

Disciplines to be studied

Entrance examinations

  • foreign citizens applying for undergraduate and specialist degree programmes to places under contracts for the provision of paid educational services pass entrance examinations in the Russian language

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