​Fundamental and Applied Chemistry

​Fundamental and Applied Chemistry

specialist degree​ 04.05.01

About the program

mode of study
duration of the course
5 years
tuition fees, ₽
144 200 (2022)

Education programs


Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry

What will I learn?

  • to carry out experiments and conduct research in the field of chemical technology of organic and bioorganic substances, high molecular weight compounds and chromatography
  • to analyse research and experiment results, publish research papers
  • to control the quality of raw materials and finished products issued by the enterprise
  • to develop new and improve existing organic and bioorganic synthesis processes 

Advantages of the program

  • in-depth study of organic chemistry, stereochemistry, chemistry of heterocyclic compounds, chromatography
  • highly experienced lecturers
  • technological internships at leading companies in the city and the Chelyabinsk Region
  • laboratories with modern scientific equipment: automatic autoclaves of different volumes, centrifuges for sediment separation, vacuum desiccator, photometers, colorimeters, ultrasonic baths, etc.

Who will I be?

  • a chemical analysis laboratory assistant 
  • a chemical technologist 
  • a chemical engineer 
  • a forensic and criminal laboratory chemist
  • a research fellow

Disciplines to be studied

Entrance examinations

  • foreign citizens applying for undergraduate and specialist degree programs to places under contracts for the provision of paid educational services pass entrance examinations in the Russian language

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and employment

CSU cooperates with leading employers, who are included in the educational process at the stage of course development.

There is always a high demand for CSU students. With the number of events held by our university, you will not be left without a job - prove yourself during an internship or attend job fairs at CSU, where dozens of companies present their offers to students and graduates, advise them and look for personnel.

Employers and partners

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