Programs in Iranian Studies and the Department of Persian Language: CSU and the Embassy of Iran expand cooperation

The delegation of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran visited Chelyabinsk State University. The opening of bachelor's and master's degree programs in Iranian studies, the creation of departments of the Persian language (Farsi) at CSU and the Russian language at one of Iran's universities, language courses are just a few questions that were discussed by Rector Sergey Taskaev and Advisers of the Iranian Embassy Gudarzi Hadi and Mohammadi Kazem.


"CSU once became a pioneer in establishing a long-term partnership with Iran in the field of education and science in our region," Sergey Taskaev noted, "mainly in terms of academic exchange and joint educational programs with Tehran universities. Cooperation with the Iranian Embassy will give a fresh impetus to this work and open up opportunities for expanding cooperation with universities."

Considering the growing interest in Asian countries, the Faculty of Eurasian Studies of CSU with the support of the Iranian Embassy, is ready to recruit students for the master's program this year and considers opening a bachelor's degree program in Iranian studies. The Persian language program will provide support in their native language for students from Iran who will come to CSU to learn Russian. The curator, who speaks Farsi, will help students of IRI during the period of adaptation to the university.

The Adviser on Science and Education of the Embassy, Gudarzi Hadi, outlined the prospects for closer cooperation between universities of the two regions: "We will make every effort to provide the university with lecturers from Iran," Gudarzi Hadi said during the talks. – We are ready to help with not only the opening of the educational programs in the Persian language and culture of the Islamic Republic of Iran, but also with the organization of language courses, as well as assisting the study of neighboring regions of Iran by CSU students. The first step of such cooperation may be opening of the Farsi department at CSU and the Russian language department at one of the Iranian regional universities."

The Iranian Embassy sees Chelyabinsk State University as the most promising platform for teaching students the Russian language and later admission to bachelor's and master's degree programs. After the detailed study of Iranian universities and their programs, ChelGU, in turn, will be able to recommend Russian students universities of the Islamic Republic of Iran for continuing their studies in master’s programs. Thus, having learned the language and culture in a language environment and returned to their homeland, these students will be able to compete with the ones studying Iranian studies in Russia and contribute to the further development of relations between our countries.

Sergey Taskaev proposed to organize such partnership within the framework of the Eurasian Association of Universities, which already includes many universities of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The establishment of cooperation between our universities under the Eurasian Association of Universities will allow us to receive methodological support from Moscow State University, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and Rossotrudnichestvo. Thus we will have additional opportunities for financing programs, or solving problems related, for example, to the development of relevant curricula."

Gudarzi Hadi supported Sergey Taskaev's proposal, calling this idea mutually beneficial.

Mohammadi Kazem, the Supreme Adviser on Economics of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, offered the ideas for closer contacts of students and lectures of the South Urals and the Republic of Iran: "Some Russian universities have special classrooms with literature on the history, culture, language and literature of the Islamic Republic of Iran. We try to provide them with the necessary methodological and technical materials so that students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history, culture, economy and religion of the studied region," he said. "We hold various scientific and cultural festivals, and we are ready to organize the week of the Islamic Republic of Iran in CSU."

Vera Budykina, Dean of the Faculty of Eurasian Studies, assured that the university already has the methodical classroom with literature on Asian countries, but there is not enough literature on Iran yet, so the Embassy's help will be timely. As for cultural and scientific events at the university and in the region, their organization is the task of the Faculty staff, and from now on, this work will be aimed at organization of events familiarizing with the culture of Iran. The Dean of the Faculty of Eurasian Studies also noted that the Faculty has a lot of work to do to open new programs in Iranian studies to meet the needs of the region for qualified personnel who speak Persian and know the specifics of the economy, religion and culture of Iran. Such specialists will allow the Chelyabinsk region to organize effective intercultural interaction between the regions and become one of the key partners of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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